Basic prices for professional hair and beauty treatments

Expertise and experience are key requirements for all salon companies, spas and beauty clinics and more, for everyday people. From this demand comes the creation of our new private limited company: an innovative skills workshop, specializing in meeting the basic needs of the hair and beauty markets.

Our new concept skills workshop is "made by therapists for therapists, but voted for by the people". We ask for your opinion on our qualified practitioners. Your vote is important if you believe that the market should be replete with highly skilled therapists. The opinions you offer through our ratings sheets determine a therapist's credibility, helping the right practitioners to find positions in top salons - and ensuring those salons' levels of expertise.

Our ground-breaking workshop is home to an ever growing number of qualified therapists and offers a selection of more than 100 treatments. All our treatments are offered at exceptional value-for-money prices.

Established in Zone 2, East London, we are Basicsalon ltd: a brand new kind of skills workshop in hair, skin, body and nails.