Q: What is a workshop?

A workshop is a small workplace where handcrafts and manufacturing are practised. It also refers to a brief intensive course for a small group, with an emphasis on problem solving. Basicsalon is a small workplace that enables further skills-training for qualified staff and encourages group discussions on the subjects of hair and beauty treatments; hence a hair and beauty workshop.

Q: What is the difference between a workshop and a hair and beauty salon?

As a workshop, we provide a professional place for stylists and therapists to practice, share ideas, find new ways to do things and be guided in the enhancement of their skills. We also help them specialize in certain areas of their field. When a therapist or stylist is confident in this new area of their work, they can then be recruited into a higher quality salon, spa or clinic than they might have been able to enter before. Because of the way basicsalon works, individual practitioners can have different levels of skill depending on which treatments they're working on enhancing, and they can take different lengths of times to excel. That's why we offer low prices on our fantastic range of styles and treatments. It's also why we add charges for the request of specific practitioners for specific treatment services. These additional charges relate to the individual's level of expertise. Normal salons do not provide such opportunities for qualified practitioners to extend their skills; their work concentrates on sales targets because their profitability depends on sales. They also price according to their levels of expertise though. In hairdressing, the levels are referred to as junior, assistant, stylist, senior or creator - and their prices vary accordingly. In Basicsalon, we just go by your request. If you ask for a specific practitioner, the amount charged is between £1 and £2 and this goes directly to the practitioner, helping them progress.

Q: What do you mean by practitioners?

Our practitioners are our therapists and stylists. Both are practising their skills; we refer to them as our hair or beauty practitioners.

Q: Are your practitioners still students?

A: NO. In order for any practitioner to practise their skill on clients in our workshop, they must be qualified already in the field. We do have students at basicsalon but they can only assist the stylists or therapists.

Q: Are you all trainees?

A: Yes, we can all be considered trainees, because we are all still developing our skills in different areas, at different levels.

Q: Why do I need to vote?

A: To vote is to give us your feedback on our practitioners' work. This helps us to identify the skills we need to develop and the right stylists or therapists to be recruited. You only vote when asked though, it's not necessary on every visit.

Q: Why must I register?

The same as at any salon, it is important to test for any possible contra-indication to treatments or products, due to sensitivity or allergy. Registering helps us to identify you in our salon system for future appointment bookings and to quickly see any restrictions needed in your treatments because of contra-indication.

Q: Must I be a member to use your service?

No, as a non-member you can walk in, quickly register as a non-member and be charged our non-member prices. They are still great value for money but members, having paid a fee to join, are entitled to further discount schemes.

Q: I work for the council, in property development. Do I qualify for your 10% discount?

We only offer this discount to employees in the fields of education and health, or to those who work with the elderly and young people. If your occupation does not lie in these fields, we are unable to provide you this discount.

Q: Who qualifies for this 10% discount offer then?

Our 10% discount (on £10 treatments and upwards, on non-member prices) are for those who work in community sectors, as detailed above. Also, charitable organisations or companies who are registered with us and have given us consent to use their company name as a reference for our recruitment purposes. Entitled to discounts are: Please also note that this entitlement is valid strictly by proof of ID with a valid date, or proof of payslip not more than 3 months old. Terms and conditions apply.

Q: Who owns basicsalon?

No single person owns Basicsalon. It is a collection of individuals investing in a new concept, to contribute to our community. Our intention is to help others progress in their fields and to provide more quality practitioners in the market place.

Q: Then who are the investors?

Our main branch is situated in Dubai in the UAE and our primary investor is based there. They have been established for over 25 years and run as a typical salon, but with the initial concept of more reasonable pricing. They provided us with furnishings and equipment when we began. Others individuals provided us with our business establishment.

Q: How do you generate profit with such low prices as just 1£?

Our workshop floor is a non profit organisation. We benefit from your visits and from your support of our concept. You pay for our running costs, such as our basic pay, product usage and bills. Profit will be made at basicsalon through recruitment. By recruiting our practitioners to high quality salons and spas after increasing their levels of expertise in our workshops, we can ensure both that you are able to access an exceptional range of treatments at unbeatable prices, and that our stylists and therapists are practising to highest quality within their fields - how else would we recruit them? Supporting basicsalon into this, our third phase of development, is beneficial for you the customer, for the practitioners themselves, and for the hair and beauty market as a whole.

Q: How can I become a member?

To be a member, it costs £60 for 12months - as little as some single treatments at other salons! For this, we offer discounts from 10% up to a full 100% (that's free!) depending on your choice of service. Payment for membership can only be made in person at reception. Once processed, your membership is non-exchangeable and non-refundable. It runs for 12 months and cannot be temporarily paused or used by any person other than the person who joined.

Q: What if I'm not happy with a treatment?

If you are not happy with a completed treatment, you can request to give your immediate feedback, verbally or by filling out our ratings sheet. This enables the management to deal with the issue. Treatments completed with unsatisfactory results can entitle you to further discount, extra treatments or repeat treatments. If treatments are still uncompleted but you believe them unsatisfactory, our workshop instructor will be appointed to resolve this. If irresolvable, the treatment will be free of charge. Otherwise, complete treatments are charged at workshop prices, which are already below the standard market rates.

Q: What do I do if, after a haircut, I go home and find that I'm not happy with it?

When this occurs, we would really appreciate if you can call back in so we can rectify it. This helps the stylist to improve their skills by taking notice of the areas they need to work on. All you have to do is to call back in and our senior workshop instructor will rectify it free of charge.

Q: How do I give a comment or suggestion?

You can give your comments and suggestions by emailing info@basicsalon.com. The management will take into consideration all your feedback.

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