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Hair/beauty graduates

Once you have graduated and obtained your qualification, you are ready to work in your field, but you will still lack hands-on experience. We are here to provide this.

If you were not with us before your graduation, then you will need to be accessed for entry into a position in our workshop. There may be written, oral and practical assessments. Your skills-level will be determined accordingly, regardless of the amount of experience you claim to have. This will then determine your position and hence your work opportunities.

Assistant therapist

You will need to be a full-time assistant therapist for six months before you can be reviewed for promotion. If you are working on a part-time basis then you will be reviewed after one year. It is compulsory that you pass with a minimum 95% before you are eligible for promotion. Your benefits and pay will rise accordingly. When you work as an assistant therapist, you will be constantly paired with a therapist or a senior therapist.


As a therapist, you will work sometimes with an "assistant therapist" and sometimes independently.
Our in-shop team of highly skilled hair and beauty therapists - with international qualifications and experience - will be there to guide you and assist you in your work. Your performance will be rated and voted for by your colleagues and clients and every six months you will sit for your work review. Through your review you'll be able to learn what you need to work further on and what positions might be available to you.

Only full time employees will benefit from the opportunity to work in other salons. We only recruit staff who have worked with full-time. After full-time work with us, you will be able to do on-location work, where we will send you to a variety of salons, spas etc. When a company has recruited you through us and would like you to join them on a permanent basis, we will be happy to pass your full details on. You will then need to write feedback on our assistance, rating the process of your recruitment.

In order for you to be able to take full advantage of what we can offer, you will need to sign up with us: a minimum contract of six months is required.

If you do not want to sign up for six months, you can still benefit from using our workshop to upgrade your skills. For more details on skills upgrades, click on workshop.

Please note that you must provide your own insurance and pay for your license if you take up part-time work with us. This is due to our low pricing and high overheads. We can try to work on alternatives with you as a therapist if you are unable to afford this.