1. Basicsalon was established in 2007 and has since evolved from a skills workshop into an innovative hair and beauty salon that meets the needs of our community: providing exceptional head to toe beauty treatments at good value. 
  2. We are committed to providing treatments on all-round hair, skin, body and nails services, all under one roof, at affordable prices. In return, we may need to ask for your feedback on our rating sheets. 
  3. We work as a team and at times there may be more than one hairdresser or therapist serving you during a treatment. 
  4. It is compulsory for anyone using our services to register with us to avoid any contra action to any treatments. Understanding and agreeing with our policy and terms and conditions is essential. 
  5. By visiting, you commit to filling out satisfaction forms as might be requested and to rating the performance of therapists as necessary. 
  6. We reserve the right to accept appointments according to our policy and depending on our availabilities and opening times. 
  7. We are hairdressers and beauty therapists with different skill sets, therefore not all treatments listed may be available on your preferred days. Please do ask prior to your booking. 
  8. It is your responsibility to update us on any changes to your health or any medical conditions that can cause contra-indications or may restrict treatment(s). We hold no responsibility if you choose to ignore this. 
  9. We reserve the right to refuse registration to those who do not agree with our policy or terms and conditions. 
  10. We reserve the right to refuse anyone who misuses or abuses any member of staff. There will be no refunds to those with ill conduct. 
  11. Cancellation of appointments within 24 hours or no-show ups will be notified. Further appointment bookings will be charged with a deposit of £10 for an hour-long slot. 
  12. Time slots booked then cancelled at the last minute will be charged at £10. Additionally, the deposit will be non-refundable.  Consider booking other treatments for your time slot in order to avoid such charges. 
  13. Additional charges apply for the request of a specific stylist or therapist, from £2 up to £5 for senior staff, and according to each treatment service. This is to give a fair opportunity to all stylists and therapists, promoting and encouraging their work. The amount goes directly to the requested practitioner.
  14. If you do not request any stylist or therapist, you will be assigned the next available practitioner for the time slot booked and charged on our normal value pricing only. 
  15. For those purchasing chemical treatments such as colouring, highlights /lowlights, hair colour toning, perming, straightening, eyebrows tint, eyelash tint/perm, Brazilian blow dry, first timer body or face waxing - and those with reactive skin types - must have a patch test a minimum of 48hrs prior to the treatment service to avoid any contra reaction.
  16. It is your responsibility to notify us if you have any reaction to any treatments you may have had previously or to any test patches. Reaction will restrict potential treatments. 
  17. We are not responsible for any allergic reaction to any treatment which neither you nor we have any prior knowledge of. 
  18. We do not compensate for any damages to your clothing while performing chemical treatments. You are advised to wear old clothing. We also provide T-shirt and trousers for you to change into if desired. 
  19. Gift vouchers are valid for six months and are redeemable for treatment services or product purchases only, they cannot be redeemed as cash. Refunds are void after six months. 
  20. We offer a 10% discount (15% for pensioners/disabled people) on treatment service(s) of £15 upwards for a variety of community workers (Health & Education Sectors etc). Please check to find out if you are able to claim this discount. 
  21. For discounts, either proof of ID with a valid date or a payslip which is not more than months old is necessary. We do not accept non-dated proof. 
  22. There are no discounts on promotional offers and no bargaining on treatment prices. 
  23. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your treatment to check in and, if necessary, pay for your requested treatments before proceeding. 
  24. If you are late for your appointment, we will complete as much of the treatment as we can in the time remaining and you will be charged in full
  25. If you miss your appointment, there will be a charge of £10 as a deposit for rescheduling, which will be deducted off the total. To avoid charges, we do advice that if you have tendency to miss appointments, it is best to call before your arrival time and check our availability.  
  26. We are unable to guarantee you a slot without a deposit if you are a non-regular client (or if you have a tendency to cancel at the last minute). However, we will still do our best to slot you in where possible. 
  27. In the interest of comfort for all our clients, you are asked to refrain from using a mobile phone and ensure it is on silent mode or switched off for the duration of your treatment(s). 
  28. In the interest of comfort for all our clients, we ask you to keep your voice down in our beauty treatment rooms.  
  29. Please understand we cannot accommodate for children less than 12 years of age in our beauty treatment rooms. 
  30. Any product purchased can only be refunded or exchanged within seven days of purchase and the item returned must be not open or used or tampered with in any way. Items must be accompanied with proof of purchase.
  31. We agree to fully refund any proven negligence. You are requested to put complaints in writing and address them to feedback@basicsalon.com.
  32. We reserve the right to increase our prices or change our promotional services or alter our treatment services without notice

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