Our Policy

For all customers

  1. Basicsalon is a skill workshop and recruitment agency specialized in hair and beauty for the salon market. It is in our commitment to assist hair and beauty practitioners to excel their skill work and introduce them to a workplace: Salons, spas, beauty clinic, etc. which are in need of good qualified therapists.
  2. Your commitment to us is to give feedback and to vote on our practitioners for their recruitment purposes. In return for this we offer you low price for our treatments.
  3. We are also committed to provide you, treatments on all round hair, skin, body and nails services under one roof at a bargain price. In return, we would need your feedback on our services performance.
  4. You may be served by more than one therapist at time during a treatment as we provide one to one upgrade for practitioners to observe and to improve their skill work.
  5. It is compulsory that anyone who wishes to use our services must be register with us to avoid any contra action to any of our treatments. Understand and agree with our policy, terms and conditions are essential.
  6. On visit, you are committed to fill out our satisfactory forms on request. You are committed to rate and vote on therapist overall work performance where necessary.
  7. We reserve the right to accept you according to our policy for appointments and depending on the availability of therapists and opening times.
  8. It is in your responsibility to update us on any changes to your health and any medical conditions that can be contra-indicated or restricted to the treatment(s). We hold no responsibility if you choose to ignore this.
  9. We reserve the right to refuse registration for those who do not agree with our policy or on any of our terms and conditions.
  10. We reserve the right to withdraw anyone who misuse or abuse our therapists, any member of our staff or our system. There will be no refunds for any ill conduct on those who seek to use our services.
  11. Cancellation of appointments within 24 hours or no show up will be notified. Further appointment bookings from then on are charged with deposit of £10 for an hour slot.
  12. Additional charges apply for request stylist or therapist of £2 per treatment services on non discount rates. This is to give a fair opportunity to all stylists and therapists, each of whom needs your feedback and votes on their work and performance. This amount goes directly to the requested practitioner in appreciation for their skill work.
  13. For those who wishes to do chemical treatments such as colouring, perming, straightening, eyebrows tint, eyelash tint/perm, must have a patch test minimum 24hr prior to treatment service. This is to avoid any contra reaction from these treatments.
  14. It is in your responsibility to notify us if you have any reaction to any treatments you may have done previously or to any test patches. Any reaction will restrict you to do some treatments.
  15. We are here to assist you through a comfortable treatment service and will not be responsible for any allergy reaction on treatment which you nor we have no knowledge of.
  16. We do not compensate for any damages to your clothing while doing any chemical treatments. You are advised to wear old disposable clothing. We also provide T-shirt and pants for you to change.
  17. Gift vouchers are valid for six months and are redeemable for treatment services only or products purchase and non exchangeable for cash. Refund is voided after six month.
  18. Note that you are asked to arrive, 5 minutes prior to your treatment to check in and if necessary, you may need to pay for your requested treatments before proceeding. If you are late for your appointment then we will do as much of the treatment as we can in the time remaining.
  19. In the interest of comfort of all our customers, you are asked to refrain from using a mobile phone and ensure it is in silent or switch off for the duration of your treatment(s).
  20. Please understand we cannot accommodate for children less than 12 years of age in our treatment rooms.
  21. Any product purchases can only be refund or exchanged within seven days after purchase and item return must be not open or used or tampered with in any ways. Items must be accompanied with a receipt payment.
  22. We would fully refund you on any negligence proofed on our part. You would be requested to put your complains in writing and address it to our complain department or email to info@basicsalon.com
  23. We reserve the right to increase our prices or change our promotional services or alter our treatment services without notice.
  24. All the above apply also to member customers and include the following:

  25. Basis members are those who paid a small fee to join and those who fall in our members categories.
  26. Membership registration has up to 24 hours for any cancellation or any other alterations to their membership. Once processed, there will be no refunds and it is un-reversible.
  27. Once members have registered their desired treatment services, they are non changeable for the whole period of minimum 12 months.
  28. Membership is continuous from time of registration to expiration and is neither temporary cease nor freeze in any circumstances.

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