New 2016 Price list

There are two pricing schemes within our workshop:

  • Non-members - the average market pricing in our area
  • Basic-members - this pricing arrived at according to our overheads and worked out to cost price, VAT included.


basic membership

With £60 to join for a year's membership, you are entitled to:

  • FREE registration to access all 100 treatment services
  • Enjoy 12 months of cost price - discount from 10% up to 100%
  • Further access to our promotional treatments which may be FREE or as little as £1
* Promotional treatments are treatments demanded from the salon market, skill upgrades and feedbacks in rating and voting on practitioners.

Other Charges

10% Discount is valid from total of £10 onwards for those from the following:

  • School/University: Students, teachers, lecturers, staff
  • NHS: Doctors, nurses, staff
  • Community worker: police officers, fire officers, postmen, care takers, etc.
  • Charity Organisations
  • Hair & Beauty practitioners: hairdresser, beautician, masseurs, etc
  • Registered companies
NHS Offers

* Strictly Proof of ID with a valid date is necessary at all times or Payslip not more than 3months old only is accepted. Terms and Conditions apply.

Gift vouchers

We also offer gift vouchers of denominations: £5 or £10. These can be purchased from reception at the shop. These vouchers are non-redeemable and can be used as payment for treatments only. If the person who receives the voucher is a member, then it is redeemable for treatments at membership prices. It is valid for six months from purchase.

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