Our Terms and Conditions

  1. Our terms "we", "our", "us" refer to Basicsalon ltd's staff working and representing on behalf of this company. Our term "you" refers to those who seek to use our services as our customers.
  2. We hold no responsibility to fully meet up to your expectation on the services you have chosen or on treatments you have done.
  3. You are committed to cooperate and follow on our policy while you are in our premise seeking our services.
  4. You are committed to pay the fee on treatments which has been completed. Due to insurance policy, complaints or request for refunds must be in writing which will be dealt with by our insurance balens of complementary and health professionals.
  5. It is in your responsibility to inform our practitioners before the commencement of your treatment on any possible contra-indications or any restriction that may incur during or after the treatment(s).
  6. It is in your responsibility to follow up on after care and homecare.
  7. It is in your responsibility to update us on any changes to your contact number or your current health situations on every visit. We hold no responsibility if you have any reaction that is unknown to you or to us or chose to ignore any possible contra-indications.
  8. Promotional treatments are treatments for a specified period of time and not exist before or after period stated. One promotional treatment per customer per day is allowed or otherwise as stated.
  9. The promotional treatments cannot be altered to suit individual needs. It is to be accepted as it is as stated and according to stylist or therapist availability on that day.
  10. Those entitled to discount are strictly by proof of identity of age and occupation.
  11. lateness of more than 15minutes, we reserve the right to attend to the next customer and you may require to wait or to reschedule.
  12. Strictly NO CREDIT and please to not ask as refusal is an offence.
  13. Membership scheme are strictly applied to the person who signed up for it, any misuse or abuse will result in termination of membership with NO REFUND.
  14. Membership is paid in full and cannot be cancelled within the agreed 12 months' period.
  15. For any complains, you must write to management on the issues email to info@basicsalon.com . The management will contact you by post or email.
  16. The management reserved the right to choose not to serve those who abuse our system.
  17. The management reserved the right to refuse customers who are abusive, intoxicated or misconduct.
  18. The management reserved the right to alter or change any of our treatments, services and prices according to the demand of the market.

On signing the registration, you have entered yourself into our agreement on our policy, term and condition held within.

Our practitioners will be happy to assist you if you have any queries on the above stated. Thank you for taking time in reading and understanding the above.

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