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Undergraduate students

For students who are studying for a qualification in the hair and beauty fields, we can provide you - through your college - with a work experience placement and reference. This gives you a trial period in the industry to view your potential, assisting your first step into your future career.

We will give feedback to your tutor on your performance in our professional workshop, with the potential to join our team. We focus on the following:

In order for you to take full advantage of what we can offer, you must be enrolled with a recognized college and in the process of obtaining a minimum certificate in your desired field. The amount of time you are required to devote to a work experience placement is a minimum of 10 hours per week, for a period of a minimum 6 weeks. We can then consider taking you on. You must have student insurance if you wish to participate in attending clients under supervision.
You will then have to apply for a position in our workshop by filling in the therapist's application form and sending it to our administrator.

Standard procedure For Employment / Work Experience Placements

Once we receive your application, we will then assess availability within your desired position and respond to you by email or phone. If all is appropriate, we will set a date for an interview and a one day trial.
Your tutor or your previous employer will then be contacted to provide us with your references. For students, we will be able to view and have feedback from your tutor on your progress and relate this to your performance in our workshop.
When you have completed your minimum time requirement for us, we will then give you our feedback on your performance and write you a reference. You can only obtain a reference from us if you meet our standards.
Your performances are viewed and rated by all those who you will be working with. You will be voted for by your potential colleagues if there is a position available upon your graduation. Positions are subject to availability.

Please note that we cannot guarantee you a position if your performance does not meet our criteria or standards